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Join the Quiet Revolution


Welcome to commutaScoota. Your single resource for buying, researching and keeping up to date with all things related to using an electric scooter to commute to your place of work. 

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The service from the CommutaScoota team was first class - practical, down to earth and easy.


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Simply put, using a scooter to get to work is awesome. The freedom, the time savings and the ability to avoid the crush are all great reasons to join the revolution. Add to that the cost saving, more time with your friends and family and the positive environmental impact, why wouldn't you?!

We are passionate about making this as accessible as possible for everyone.

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Choose from our wide range of custom-designed equipment to make your commute even easier. We stock everything from helmets to handlebar bags and waterproofs. 

We've tried to focus on the essential stuff. If it's on our site, it's because we know you will need it at some point.

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