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  • I want to use the scooter before I buy a service plan. I don't know if I will need it. Can I do that?
  • Which scooter is right for me?
    Read this buying guide to help you choose.
  • Where is your company based?
    We are a UK based company. We source our products from around the world and ensure the highest quality and safety standards are met. We check compliance against UK standards and we never compromise on quality and safety.
  • Why are some more expensive?
    This is down to the types of materials used. For example, our most expensive scooter has hydraulic disc brakes, similar to ones found on expensive road bikes. The parts are more complex and therefore cost more. However our most economical scooter has wire operated disc brakes that whilst excellent brakes, simply don't have tue complexity of hydraulic systems.
  • I don't want all the other stuff. Can I just buy a scooter?
  • How do I complain?
    We hope you don't need to but you can message us for instant discussion or email us at xxxx if you would prefer to do things more formally. We're decent people and will always try to resolve reasonable complaints amicably so that you have a great experience.
  • I bought my scooter from another retailer. Can I still buy your service plan?
  • Why don't you provide a phone number?
    Have you ever sat in a queue for hours waiting to speak to someone? We have and we hate it. With chat messages, our Scooteristas can manage up to 5 chats simultaneously which means less waiting for you. However if we feel we can better serve you over the phone then they will arrange a call back with you so ultimately you can speak to us if needed.
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